To live is the rarest thing in the world

Join me for 12 weeks and transform your mindset. Together we will identify your Unconscious Limiting Beliefs using 4 known clearing technics including EFT/Tapping and Hypnosis. These unknown and yet identified beliefs hold you back from achieving the success and abundance you desire. We replace these self-sabotaging beliefs with new and empowering ones that serve your highest goals.

Before And After The Belief Clearing Transformations

  • Become EMPOWERED… access a proven collection of potent clearing techniques that only a handful of people have ever seen – right at your fingertips

  • Become INSPIRED… because you will now have a blueprint that sparks the next exciting phase of your personal transformation

  • Become LIMITLESS… because you can finally unleash your full, unstoppable potential to create massive change in your own life… and the lives of those around you

  • Become AWAKENED… because you can experience the ability to have, do, or be whatever you choose has finally been activated.

Discover the healing power of Belief Clearing of what’s considered the unspoken secret to limitless manifestation designed for

  • Anyone eager to remove the blocks that prevent the true manifestation

  • Individuals interested in clearing away the most stubborn mental blocks and counter-intentions

  • Those who want complete control of their lives, their dreams, and their happiness

This course allows individuals to embrace a modern solution to an age-old and often undiagnosed problem of conscious and unconscious beliefs and counter-intentions that can lead to a life of stagnancy, failed dreams, and personal struggle. 

While other self-improvement techniques scratch the surface, there is only one proven path that focuses, with laser-like precision, on removing the fundamental blocks that hold back millions of individuals without them even knowing it.

What Is Belief Clearing?

  • Belief Clearing is a modern technique based on extensive research into the unconscious and subconscious mind and the emotional mind, pinpointing the specific techniques that can remove mental and emotional belief blocks behind stagnation and struggle.

  • Belief Clearing allows you to emotionally and mentally let go of conscious and unconscious blocks, even those that are not consciously known of by you.

  • By using these Belief Clearing techniques, individuals are able to free up the most stubborn mental and emotional blocks that can stop even the simplest forms of manifestation, attraction, achievement, and goal-setting from working.

  • During this process, practitioners can bypass the conscious mind and any subconscious resistance and travel straight to the heart of what’s causing the negative belief, counter-intention, or block standing in the patient’s way.  There is no need for common forms of talk therapy to diagnose and cure the problem. 

  • Thus, this presents a new and highly efficient method that can achieve results within days or weeks where other methodologies can take years to get the same results.

  • Belief Clearing is not intended to replace other forms of therapies and practices. Rather, it’s designed to work alongside other modalities to increase the effectiveness of the other work being accomplished.

Why Is Belief Clearing So Effective?

Many people, perhaps yourself included, have felt like something in your life was working against you. Nothing you can hear, see, or touch… but some seemingly invisible force that seems to make things not work out for you. Some people call it bad luck… others call it fate or other names.  

Common signs that you are experiencing this include: 

  • Struggling to attract the financial prosperity and abundance to live your ideal lifestyle, let alone simply making ends meet.

  • Relationships that feels strained, no matter how much you give. 

  • The feeling of spiritual emptiness, no matter how much time and energy you devote to spiritual practice.  

  • Getting passed over for that promotion you’ve been working so hard to get.

  • General feelings of being unfulfilled, living a script that you did not create.

Common Signs That You Are In Need Of Belief Clearing

  • Very little of what happens to us on a day to day basis is really about what’s outside of us.

  • After all, we’ve all met people who, despite challenging circumstances, roadblocks, and “having the cards stacked against them,” manage to create joyous, purposeful, profoundly spiritual lives… and become a light to lead others to their own unique power.

  • And we’ve all met people who, despite having every advantage and every luxury available at their fingertips, are chronically broke, lonely, bored, and miserable.

The difference?

Those who experience joy, abundance, and purpose believe in their hearts that they deserve it. In fact, they know that experiencing these things is essential to improving others’ lives. But for most of us, it doesn’t quite work that way.

Instead, we let a whole host of limiting (and often damaging) beliefs invade our minds and set up camp with no intention of leaving.

We continue to tell ourselves inaccurate, disheartening things about what we can and cannot do, be, have, and accomplish.

We rob ourselves of true awakening… of the abundance and joy that is our birthright.
We throw away the key to not only unlocking our own true potential… but the opportunity to contribute to the spiritual evolution of society at large.

Most of us believe our limiting ideas and beliefs without really ever questioning them. We assume that “that’s the way life is” and continue to live unfulfilled.

Most of us are just going through the motions. Most of us are waiting for circumstances to happen to us… instead of co-creating our ideal lives.  

Some people live their whole lives like this… and leave this life without any real sense of accomplishment, belonging, or wonder at the incredible beauty of the universe.
This is not how it has to be.

What Is The Result Of Practicing Belief Clearing?

  • Become inspired… knowing that the goals, possessions, and circumstances you once considered “beyond your grasp” are now not only possible… they’ve been waiting for you to embrace them all along!

  • Become empowered… recognizing that you have full control over your life… and that you can create the reality that you so passionately desire!

  • Become awakened… fully in tune with the source power and aware of every note of the universe’s subtle symphony!

  • Become purposeful… knowing that you can use these same skills to help others reach their true, innate potential!

  • Become relieved… free from the endless negative “recordings” that have been playing in your mind for months… years… even decades!

  • Become grateful… because your life becomes so filled with joy and abundance that you can’t help but to have a heart overflowing with gratitude!  

  • Location: Internet – Zoom

  • Dates: 

  • Cost: $847 (Normally $1497)

  • Registration Deadline: None. Register Anytime.

  • Cancellation Policy: Full refund available within 60 Days.

  • Minimum Age Requirement: 18

  • Instructor: Anthea Morphitis

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