1-2-1 CEO & Directors Coaching

Anthea Morphitis helps business executives maximise their performance through an improved mindset and behaviour to Achieve Accelerated & Profitable Growth & Work-Life Harmony

with 1-2-1 Coaching

Your First 30 Minutes are Complimentary. All Calls Are Totally Confidential and In Many Cases, Operate Under a Non Disclosure Agreement


Anthea's 1-2-1 Coaching and mentoring for CEO's, company directors and entrepreneurs services are highly confidential. Anthea talk's with the CEO and Company Directors about the things that they cannot discuss with their closest directors, colleagues and family. 

Anthea helps you to feel confident as a leader.


Anthea helps maximise their performance through an improved mindset and behaviour. We aim to achieve this with a diverse and wide range of coaching services. We work with individuals and teams to bring passion and purpose into the business while at the same time, striving for an acceptable work-life balance. Anthea Morphitis has over 10 years of experience in providing coaching.


Anthea has worked with many C-suite executives and based on a wealth of experience, understands the complexity of these roles and the impact that they can have both in the workplace and at home.


Anthea will empower you to Be and Have unstoppable confidence in yourself, reach mastery, become a remarkable leader, and operate on the highest level of performance possible. Assisting companies to be successful and achieving their business objectives, Anthea Morphitis has worked with business individuals and teams to help them overcome challenges and deliver great results!


What We Offer:


  • 1-2-1 Coaching for CEO's Company Directors and Entreprenures

  • Group coaching

  • Identofoy Beliefs Holding You Back 

  • Overcoming Adversity 

  • A change in your daily mentality 


  • Relationships in Business

  • Management coaching

  • Team-building training

  • Business transformation coaching

Why is balance important 


When the balance between work and life is tipped, one of these two suffers. Work feels like a chore and our plate seems overwhelmingly full. You may enjoy your work but tilting your life completely towards work will lead to stress and the feeling of being burnt out. That's why, the right balance is very important for a productive, fulfilling and happy life. Anthea Morphitis can help you achieve this with practical tools and strategies to ensure long-term success. We will work together to find the reasons for your lack of balance – both internal and external. 


We can help you to


  • Create a practical and support structure

  • Learn new habits to support a balanced lifestyle

  • Improve your time management skills

  • Create priorities along with big goals

  • Learn to leave work at work

  • Find more time for yourself


As 3 times published author and life coach, Anthea specialises in working at C- Suite level to help company Directors and CEOs to aim to achieve a balanced work and personal life in order to succeed at and enjoy both.

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It is very clear that the sheer levels of work and stress at the C-Suite Level can be immense. All too often when an individual’s personal life or business life breaks down, so to can the other.

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Anthea's C-Suite programs, events and training help you and your company to maintain a healthy mind and body to help to improve business operations, company morale and overall GP.

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