About Anthea Morphitis 

Mindset Coach, Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, Belief Clearing Practitioner, Hoʻoponopono Practitioner and Author

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Let me share a couple of insights about Anthea.


Anthea is most passionate about, helping people make progressive movements towards attracting those things they want in their lives.

Anthea believes and has had first- hand personal experience that we are either our own best friend or our own worst enemy and the thoughts we have, are the only things locking, blocking and holding back the life we desire, we deserve, and we are here to lead.

Anthea has a couple of key jobs; priority number one is that she's a mother of two and somebody who, perhaps like yourself, has experienced many turbulences in their life, which required her to search for solutions, and answers, in a way anything. Something that could help her be able to get through, under, over or around the other side of it. IT is the present situation and set of circumstances that she found herself in at that exact place, headspace and point in time.

This has afforded her a great deal of experience in helping not only other people but also, and perhaps, more importantly, herself having gone through the process of supporting, nurturing and healing herself and manifested the life that she attracted through design.

Anthea started in the Coaching and Personal Development industry through a particular specific set of events that lead to a crystallisation of a thought process that she had already been practising, however, it was never crystal and never clear.

After experiencing trial and tribulation, she became homeless with her children on more than one occasion. Being exposed to the book 'The Secret' and Law of Attraction crystallised the way she was thinking and made it much more of an occurring positive approach to handling things rather than accepting defeat. This gave her, more convection and more power, it pretty much upped her energy and ability to make things happen because she was thinking them! This lead to thinking "If I am getting results like this, then I want to share them."

Anthea's self-earned confidence and communication skills of approaching have welcomed her in high-profiled sectors; however, she's always kept herself humble and grounded with reality.​

Anthea has a natural ability to inspire just about anybody who is around her for 5 minutes. Her coaching, mentoring and counselling style is down to earth, personable, trustworthy and loyal. She cares about your feelings and works effectively with you to achieve abundance in work and personal lives.

In her books, Anthea is incredibly transparent about her life-path, which alone is evidence that anyone can achieve what they want, all they have to do is go out and get it.​

Anthea's coaching aims to remove the psychological limitations that hinder people from peak performance. She provides an opportunity to transform the Attitude and Mindset of one leading to experience clarity in what you want to achieve and achieving it.

Anthea will empower you to achieve and have unstoppable confidence in yourself, reach mastery, become a remarkable leader, and operate on the highest level of performance possible -Helping you succeed. Anthea Morphitis has worked with business individuals and teams to help them overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results!

Who I Help

Individuals interested in clearing away the most stubborn mental blocks and counter-intentions. Those who want complete control of their lives, their dreams, and their happiness

How I Do It

Using 12 Belief Clearing techniques that have been proven to remove even the most stubborn blocks remove the mental and emotional blocks that hold people back from true achievement and manifestation.

What's in It for You

Become inspired... knowing that the goals, possessions, and circumstances you once considered “beyond your grasp” are now not only possible… they’ve been waiting for you to embrace them all along!

Become empowered... recognizing that you have full control over your life… and that you can create the reality that you so passionately desire!

Become Awakened, Purposeful, Relieved and Become grateful… because your life becomes so filled with joy and abundance that you can’t help but have a heart overflowing with gratitude!