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"Put your past to rest and now create the best"

Feel Food And Watch What Happens. This is the take-home message of this self-help, semi-biography by Anthea Morphitis. She explains how having a positive outlook on life generates positive events through the Law of Attraction.

Anthea takes the reader through her own life events, including two unmarried pregnancies, abusive partners, and homelessness. She explains how her harmful viewpoint-her anger, resentment and fear-drew these adverse consequences to her life. Only when she embraced a positive outlook that life turned around,

Anthea attributes this diametric change and teaches how to change one's vibrational energy to a definite form through positive thinking and positive emotions thereby attracting positive results. Her own story is living proof that the process works.

  Feel Good 

      And Watch What Happens 

Kindle version also available 

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        The Practical Guide To

    Applying The Law of Attraction


It's all about the way YOU. The thoughts you think, The words you

Speak & the Actions you take.

The 2006 bestseller, The Secret, left us feeling uplifted on the possibilities and abundance the Universe can provide us with, but it also left us a little confused.

Anthea Morphitis, a student under Dr Steve G. Jones and Joe Vitale, personally resonated with what was said in The Secret but felt that there was something missing.

After dedicating 9 years into researching and applying personal experiences, Anthea created a simple 6 step system to fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle. She called this UrLaw.

The Law of Attraction has proven itself to accomplish great things if you know how to work with it, but we often struggle to understand and apply it to our daily lives.

This book comprises of the 6 key Principles to forge a solid foundation to help you achieve permanent life-altering results.

Also available on Kindle 

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  How To Reset

     Your Mindset And Attract It All

           The Law of Attraction


"You are in control of every thought and feeling, why not learn how

to think and feel the best you can?"

The people we interact with, the things we expect to happen all play a significant role in what we hope and live daily. Our Mind and Emotions are compelling tools, and we can use them to our advantage when we know-how!

The Law of Attraction works 24/7 as we live in this universe and can't escape the Laws. Just like we can't escape the Law of Gravity, we also can't escape the Law of Attraction, and It doesn't matter if you believe in it or not! So if you are not getting what you want and your results fall short, then why is it because of YOU!

With this ebook, you will learn how to get in the right mindset and raise your energy levels to attract and be all you want; I have set 8 Steps that have personally helped me become and attract the things that I want in life.